Netflix- Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime.

What started as a DVD-by-mail service in 1998 now has over 75 million subscribers. Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series. For only $9.99 a month, you can watch various types of movies from romance, to comedy, to even foreign films and documentaries. Anyone with a Netflix account can access movies and TV shows any time from any mobile device such as a smartphone, kindle, iPad, laptop, or home desktop.

As a Netflix user, I’ve witnessed the convenience of having an account and being able to watch a TV show in my spare time. Another great thing about this brand is that you can start watching a specific episode or movie at any time, and Netflix will save your recent history so you can continuing watching at any time. With having an account, Netflix will satisfy your film tastes by recommending popular or trending movies or specific genres pertaining to your movie-watching history.

However, one thing Netflix could do to improve their brand would be to offer more up-to-date and popular movies. There is a huge selection of films to watch, but the majority does not consist of modern day movies. Instead, there are more classics offered. Although there should be a wider selection of newer movies, Netflix still provides enough film to satisfy different types of people. As a fast-growing company, Netflix will continue to improve in the film industry.